Internal Audit Practitioner Level 4

Internal Audit Practitioner Level 4


This apprenticeship is for internal auditors working in the public, private or voluntary sectors. This role is the cornerstone of good corporate governance and is essential to the success of an organisation.  Internal auditors help organisations to accomplish their objectives by bringing systematic approach to managing risk, compliance and finance functions of the organisation. Internal auditors are the last line of defence for organisations to remain impartial and unbiased about the products and services they offer.

The Internal Audit Practitioner Apprenticeship covers:

·        Commercial Awareness

·        Corporate Governance

·        Risk Management

·        Organisational Business Processes

·        Risk and Control

·        Audit Methodology

·        Building Relationships

·        Communication & Collaboration

·        Data Analysis, Systems and IT skills

·        Time Management


Apprentices will complete two certifications as part of the programme:

·        Chartered IIA Certificate in Internal Audit and Business Risk

·        Internal Audit Practitioner

All apprentices must become members of the IIA.

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