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Clear Quality Ltd are a BS EN ISO Consultancy, training and Certification body who support businesses nationally with the creation, implementation, compliance, and certification of Quality management systems aligned to the requirements of the international standards “ISO”

We provide 1-1 training and guidance on how to effectively embed robust quality systems that will enable businesses to grow and increase their overall productivity.

As professional ISO consultants we implement the relevant ISO system into your business and grant certification through our own ISO certification body. Furthermore, we work closely with various funding groups so our support can be fully or partially funded.

We are a prime training provider on the ROATP “Register of approved training providers” with the ESFA, training individuals nationally and taking them through recognised, accredited higher-level courses on Quality compliance, GDPR, Cyber, Management etc all of which align to our core business of ISO “Quality”

Clear Quality Ltd are the UK’s only BS EN ISO Certification body who are an approved prime training provider with the ESFA.

ISO, more formally known as the International Organisation for Standardisation, describe the set of guidelines and certifications that every professional service should gain and maintain. These ensure businesses deliver quality products and services by adhering to national safety standards throughout not just the UK, but the world. This makes national trade and work services more efficient and sustainable ensuring the quality and reliability of international trade. There are standards that cover all industries from Food Safety, Aerospace and Defence, Environmental, Health and Safety, Medical, Quality Management Systems (QMS) etc.

Clear Quality understands that it can be difficult to navigate and understand the terminology of these standards, let alone come up with a concrete plan to achieve certification, but that’s why we are here to take the pressure away through offering Quality Management Consulting services. 

So, if you are looking for experienced ISO consultants to help take your business to the next level and aim to access you some funding towards these projects, get in touch with our team today.

ISOs can seem daunting, particularly when thinking about the third-party assessments however, they are not here to trap you. Once you understand the requirements of these standards, it is much easier to recognise the benefits they provide and how they can support and add value to your business. 

Implementing a robust management system provides structure and clarity to a workplace assisting your company run more efficiently moving forward, not only does this make for satisfied employees; it provides confidence to your customers that you are the supplier of choice.

Our team offer support and guidance throughout the full process, whichever standard you are targeting, we will help you understand the requirements of each, we will assess your current business model to identify areas of continual improvement against the PDCA cycle, reviewing internal resources, business objectives, business risks/opportunities, skills, budget etc and finally auditing the effectiveness of your management systems. Clear Quality will support you to create a bespoke system fit for purpose and more importantly adding value to your strategic direction and upskill your workforce along the way to understand their own role and responsibilities in line with quality compliance.

Our aim is always the same: to support you in any way we can, removing any concerns you may have and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a safer, more effective, and efficient workplace.

We have a guide to each of the ISO standards that provide you with full transparency from the ISO 9001 QMS standardEnvironmental ISO 14001 standardOccupational Health and Safety ISO 45001 standardISO 27001 Information Security Management System22000 Food Safety Management System etc. We also offer our ISO consultancy to the aircraft space and defence industry with the AS 9100 standard. Contact us today for expert quality consulting services. Whatever your requirements are, get in touch, explore the website and discover Clear Quality’s effective, friendly team that can help you move towards certification today.

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