Professional Energy Purchasing (PEP)

We would highly recommend Clear Quality Ltd to any business.

As part of our Business Plan we decided to look at implementing ISO9001:2015 in September 2018.

We felt this would help to structure the company and help with succession planning while working towards a management reporting system.  

The team have been working with Karen Taylor from Clear Quality who have helped us to implement the changes and gain the IS09001:2015 certification which was awarded in April 2019. We are still working with Karen who supports with Management reviews and internal audits to comply with the ISO standard.  Karen at Clear Quality have made the ISO certification experience smooth and stress free, as well as helping the whole team really understand the process.  Thank you, Karen for all your support.

The benefit to the company has a two-fold affect that we now have all working procedures & policies written down in an easy understandable way for staff to follow.  We have continued to improve and update changes.  Our customer base is mainly made up of manufacturers and multi sited businesses.

We feel this helps give them confidence to use Professional Energy Purchasing Ltd to support all their Energy needs, as we are one of very few Energy Consultants who hold this ISO standard.

We would highly recommend Clear Quality Ltd to any business looking for ISO accreditation.

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